Saturday, November 04, 2006

This Posting is for the Girls

My purchase for 6 pounds
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I've been really good about not spending money so far, but I did need to get a bigger bag. I didn't have room to pack any of my knap sacks and my little green purse - although very cute, is just not big enough to hold my phone, a wallet & my camera.

In walking down Sauchiehall street I found the UK version of Payless Shoes called "Priceless" and there I found this cute purse for only 6 pounds. Granted it's not leather and I'm sure it will fall apart in 6 months but it holds all my stuff and does look stylish if I do say so myself.

Tammy - is it bag envy worthy?

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Anonymous said...

I have had purses, not leather, that lasted for years. If you want real leather and don't want high ticket prices, try a high end thrift shop or consignment store.
Auntie Barb