Monday, November 27, 2006

Random Musings on a Monday

- What's the deal with putting sweet corn in everything?

- Why are black Christmas trees now the trendy thing in all the shops?

- Why do the grocery stores insist on prepackaging everything in plastic containers and then wrap the container in cello-wrap (none of which can be recycled)?

- Coffee is very very very good here.

I wandered down to the Museum of Transportation today. It's a place I know Brenda has absolutely no desire to visit so it was a safe excursion for me. It was kind of cool, but I only got about half way through it. There were trains, trolley cars, double decker buses and lots of cars. The part that I found most interesting were the personal notes from the people that had donated their vehicle to the museum.

No today's picture is not of the Museum of Transport but of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum across the street. I'm currently fascinated with trying to take pictures at night. A bit tough without a tripod so most end up blurry unless I can find a fence or gate to rest the camera on.

Tonight is our last night in the mansion on Claremont Terrace. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have to pack up everything and move back to the flat on Cresswell. We'll be there for about 3 weeks before we move for the last time to our more permanent flat. Although we are still working on the paperwork for that. I'm still waiting for my bank account to come through so the details get complicated.

Getting back to the original point.... my Tuesday will be spent packing & cleaning. In the evening we will then start the actual moving of possessions. Last time we did this it took 2 trips with the car jammed full. This time I think it might even take 3 trips as we've accumulated more things (groceries being one and the odd personal purchase). I am glad the Cresswell flat does have a lift as my suitcase alone is close to 50 pounds.

Got a quick email from my Dad today saying my Grandma is back in hospital as she's having trouble breathing. Please continue to pray for my Mom as she's there with her (it's got to be tough) and also for my Grandma that her depression would lift and she would feel comfortable. Thanks.

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