Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Sunny Saturday

Although you'd never know it from today's picture.

Today's big adventure was FINALLY catching the tour of the Glasgow School of Art. Last year when we were visiting we missed the tour. But today we were lucky, as we were walking past the school I said "why don't we just pop in and see when the tours are". We lucked out in that the next one was starting in 30 minutes.

For those unfamiliar with the school here's their website:

Right in the middle of the tour as we were on the top floor of the building they decided to have the 2nd fire drill of the day. Good thing it wasn't raining, but we had to traipse down 4 flights of stairs, stand outside until the all clear was given and then go back up the 4 flights of stairs again to finish off the tour. It's a great building and its worth doing some digging on the Internet to research Charles Rennie MacIntosh's architecture and furniture design:

As it is getting close to Christmas I'm already starting the think about Christmas cards. So if you'd like a real card - something that has a stamp on it. Mmake sure you email me your mailing address. Unless you were at the Bon Voyage party at the Hass house as there you would have typed that into my lap top. But - if you weren't at the party (why didn't you come, I missed you !) then I won't have your address.

I send very interesting cards - just ask Tammy or Leona

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