Sunday, November 05, 2006

Goofing Around on a Sunday

Today I didn't really accomplish anything, but I never really set out to in the first place.

This was the first weekend that Brenda has really had off so we just did a bit of exploring of the surrounding area. We went for brunch first (it's tradition) at a Crepe place on Byers Road. In getting there we took a different route that took us through the University grounds and we found the Huntarian Art Gallery. Unfortunately it's closed on Sundays - but now we know where exactly it is. Then we walked to the Kelvingrove Museum and looked around a bit. They have this very hands on area called the 'Mini Museum' which is meant for kids but I had fun goofing around with the footwear display as you can see from the picture.

Autumn is definitely in the air and it was a grey and extremely windy day today. We made the evening service at St Silas Church ( )and it felt like a regular service from home which was nice. They had a worship team that did choruses (most of which we actually knew) and a good sermon. We hadn't made the morning service due to our late night on Saturday but we'll try and make it next week. But I have a feeling it will be a fairly liturgical service like the other Episcopal churches we've been to so far - that seems to be the norm for the AM.

One observation I've made is that the churches here are really supporting the whole Fair Trade initiative and will quite often have little booths set up after the service where you can purchase Fair Trade products or get more information on what Fair Trade is. Also the grocery stores here have Fair Trade, Organic and Green products well stocked and available, much more so then at home. I'm really impressed with that.

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