Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Self Portraits

I figure I should try to get into the habit of taking a self portrait at least once a month so that y'all don't forget what I look like. Had some fun with that task today. I found a mirror that had some good lighting so I wouldn't need to use flash but it still requires a steady hand.

I managed 2 shots, one is obviously clearer that the other but aside from that they both have pros and cons based on my expression, camera angle, the posed vs candidness of the shot etc. However I'm my own worst critic and rarely like pictures of myself.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris: Well, it is snowing again and it will be a sheet of ice. I am getting all the news about your mom from Scotland. Isn't that bizarre. Played tennis today and am making 4 bridesmaids dresses for someone. It is quite a task but because of the snow I have to stay home anyway. I hardly have had time to watch our new 50" TV. Baked 2 cakes tonight and just going to have a cup of tea now. Sorry you can't join us for that..........Love, Irene