Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ninja Handyman

It had to happen sooner or later..... Today I got bored.

The day started out OK, made some good coffee, headed back up to the Mansion to finish up the laundry and prepared a meal for Brannon & Gloria so that they would have dinner waiting for them when they arrived home from the US. I got back to the flat here on Cresswell around 3:00, wet, tired and well bored.
I didn't really have any time to do anything excursion wise before having to start dinner #2 for the day (mine). So I just curled up in my small space and watched a little teli with a hot cup of tea to warm up.

I've determined there is no good TV programing anywhere in the universe at 3PM on a Thursday. You know you're grasping at straws when you find a character named "Ninja Handyman" entertaining. But an interesting thing about that show (Planet Sketch), it's a UK/Canada co-production.

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