Saturday, November 18, 2006

End of my 4th week

I've been here a month now. It doesn't seem that long really. I'm starting to feel a bit settled and falling into routine (well as much of a routine as possible until I start work). Meeting a few people but still not making any strong connections yet as still in the search mode and haven't really had the opportunity to get involved in anything yet - church wise.

Got an email from my Mom today as she's in Oliver to see my Grandma who's been in the hospital. Grandma's health is not well and her spirits are pretty down. Being this far away it's a bit tough as I feel like there's nothing I can do other than pray and send her letters to keep in contact. I know it's been tough on my Mom, but I'm glad she's retired as now she can take the time to drop everything and go stay with her for as long as needed. It looks like she will be moved into a care home so my Mom & her sister are charged with all the details involved in facilitating the move and then dealing with her condo.

I haven't been sleeping well these past few night. I've had some pretty unsettling dreams that seem to revolve around moving and possessions. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm still homeless and living out of a suitcase for a month and probably for another month as well. Or it's just hormones - some days it sucks to be a girl.

Tomorrow is the weekend and I think the weather is still going to be cold, wet and windy. I'll need to find something warm and dry to do.

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