Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Grey & Blustery Day

No picture today - sorry.

It's been wet and very blustery these last few days but every now and then the blue sky does make an appearance, but then it goes away. Other than the blustery part it feels just like Vancouver.

Had Sunday Brunch at a cafe on Woodlands (can't remember the name) and had a traditional Scottish breakfast. They also had omelets on the menu but they came with chips and I wasn't really in the mood for chips for breakfast. Instead I had the heart attack special. 1 fried egg (but I requested scrambled as I can't stomach fried eggs), 1 banger, 1 piece bacon (but really it's just a fried piece of ham), fried mushrooms, fried tomato, 1 piece white toast, beans and a potato scone. The scone isn't what I would expect a scone to be. The potato scone was kind of like a flat thick crepe but made from potatoes. I quite liked it. With that also came coffee - I was expecting a horribly weak cup of brewed coffee but here (I don't think I've found a restaurant yet that brews coffee) they all make espresso. This is such a civilized city :>)

So all that grease and carbs kept me going all day. Brenda and I had poured over the Glasgow map book I purchased to try and find High Street and headed off in that direction. However, we got a wee bit sidetracked at the Buchanan Galleries. No not that kind of Gallery - it's a shopping mall. I needed another ball of wool for a Christmas gift I'm in the midst of making, then Brenda needed some trouser socks and also a bigger purse (her little bag just isn't big enough to hold all her stuff and as a result she keeps loosing things). By the time we were done we looked outside and it was already dark and it was only 4:15. Oh well - I'll try again tomorrow.

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