Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Moving Day

Not much to report today as mentioned in my last post today was moving day. Had to try and stuff everything back into my 2 suitcases and 1 backpack after being strewn all over the floor for the past month. I should clarify it wasn't strewn in a messy way, but nice neat piles as I didn't have a dresser (I just desperately wanted to be out of a suitcase so the floor seemed like a good option).

Andrew came over after dinner and the resourceful man that he is he managed to fit all our bags, boxes and bodies into one load so the move didn't drag on for hours as I had envisioned. I'm back in my old room now sitting on the bed with my laptop & the wireless connection that I'm getting from somewhere.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to the 'mansion' to grab the few things out of the freezer that I forgot and to also make some dinner for Brannon & Gloria for when they arrive home. They will be extremely jet lagged and in no mood to cook I'm sure. It's the little bit I can do to say thanks for their generosity in opening their home to us.

Grandma update - she is back in the nursing home again after her short stay in emergency. They drained the fluid out of her lungs so she's feeling more comfortable. However, now my Mother is sick. She went into the emergency clinic herself and they confirmed she has strep throat - as if she's not having a tough enough time dealing with her Mother's illness, now she's sick too.

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