Saturday, November 25, 2006

I Have A Problem

OK I admit it. I have a thing for Red Shoes. What can I say, it's the one way I feel I can be a bit wild and funky even though deep down I'm the most conservative person I know. Yesterday I broke down and bought a pair of Cherry Red Doc Martens (seen on the left). I love them.

Here is my Friday report. I made my way to the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art today. I was here briefly last year but got there just as the Museum was closing so had only zipped through it. Today I spent a good chunk of the afternoon there viewing the exhibits. There was a photography exhibit on Voodoo in Haiti that was quite interesting.

The sun is starting to set at 4PM now so by they time I walked back to the City Chambers it was pitch black already. They have George Square all decked out for Christmas already. The big tree is lit up and it looked like they have built a skating rink as well, but I didn't see anyone on the ice yet.

In the evening we attended a fashion show for a friend of a friend of Jen's. It was in a cool venue with lots of 'beautiful skinny people'. The collection was called the 'Joan Barron Collection' . It's fashion created out of vintage fabrics found at the estate of a lady named Joan Barron. Very interesting but I think I've decided I just don't fit the High Fashion scene.

Afterward when Brenda and I got back to the flat we decided to go down to the neighbor hood pub on Woodlands Road called the Uisge Beatha which is Gaelic for Water of Life - which is where the name whisky comes from. Last time I was there was on our last day in Glasgow before flying home the next day. I was so sick with the worst cold I've ever had and the non-smoking laws hadn't come into effect yet so I remember it being very very hazy and dark inside. This was a much nicer experience. It was still packed so nice to see that the ban on smoking hasn't hurt business at all. This pub has over 125 single malt whiskys. Our challenge is to see if we get get through all the good ones found on the top shelf in the next year.

No problem.


Jimmy said...

Slainte mhath

Chris said...

And who is this Jimmy that knows Gaelic? Have we met?

Jimmy said...

We haven't met Chris but if I see you at St Silas I'll say hello.
Slainte mhath is the only Gaelic I know. I like your blog.

Chris said...

Well please do. It's tough being the new girl.

Jimmy said...

I'm new to St Silas as well.
It's a church I'm sure you'd be happy being a part of.
I don't go as much as I should.