Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday's Summary

Had a most wonderful brunch after the St Silas service this morning. Went back to the Grassroots Cafe and had French Toast stuffed with Goat Cheese & Cinnamon with real maple syrup. Mmmmm, the taste of home.

The sun was out in all it's warm glowing glory today. But I did my walking yesterday. I'm trying to stick to my walk one day, take the next off routine so as not to aggravate my running injury from last year. But too little too late, I could feel my right adductor muscle tightening as I walked up the hill back to the flat after brunch. Brenda on the other hand did get outside and went shopping in city centre.

I didn't really mind staying in for the afternoon. I opened the blinds so I could appreciate the sunshine and I continued to work on some Christmas gifts I'm crocheting. Yes, I know that sounds oh so dull and domestic - but remember..... I have red shoes! I also spent the afternoon listening to some Gillian Welch and Sufjan Stephens. I really miss my CD collection and stereo from home.

I went to the evening service at St Silas by myself tonight as Brenda wanted to stay in. It was a wonderful service. They had a different worship team on and they were great. The sermon was on 1 Corinthians 5 which can be a tricky passage to handle. I thought the Vicar did a great job of it. Lots of food for thought.

I caught my Dad on MSN Messenger tonight and while we were chatting my Mom called (she's in Oliver with my Grandma) so that was kind of fun. Dad would hold the phone up to the microphone in the computer so that I could hear what my Mom was saying. I don't have a mic on my laptop so I still have to type my replies but it gets the job done.

I guess my Grandma is really not doing that well. Her lungs are filling with fluid again and there is the possibility that she may refuse treatment and not allow the fluid to be drained off as she has a DNR request. She is very depressed and I don't know if she's going to make it to Christmas or not.

She's 85 and has lived a very full life. I got the travel bug from her. She was very excited when she heard about my plans to move to Glasgow. I was able to stay with her for a couple of days this summer before I left and I'm really glad I did. But it's still quite tough being this far away.

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