Saturday, November 11, 2006

Michelle - this blog is for you!

Michelle is a friend of mine originally from Belfast but I met her in Vancouver through the Songs In The Night services. Now Michelle is currently in sunny LA while her husband Patrick is working on a film. Michelle is great with keeping in touch but she keeps going on about how much she misses the 'junk' chocolate and the Saturday Guardian paper from the UK. Also she misses red wine due to the fact that's she's currently with child. So me being the good sport that I am decided to bring everything together and take a picture.

Michelle - this is for you. The wine was wonderful, the chocolate... well it is 'junk' chocolate as you say but I do believe for milk chocolate is is much nicer than what I could have had in Canada (it was very smooth - but a little on the sweet side). Haven't read the paper yet, I'm saving that for Sunday morning with my coffee or maybe I'll have it with tea. I'll have to see what I feel like in the morning.

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