Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Tale of the Mysterious Steeple

One thing about Glasgow, if you don't have a map - just follow the church steeples. I can see this steeple from the street outside of Andrew & Jen's flat, but I didn't think it really looked like a church steeple. Well today I came upon the actual church quite by accident.

I was going to be meeting up with Brenda in the late afternoon for a coffee break. But I was ready to head out before Carl woke up from his nap so I decided to go off hunting for a wool shop I had heard about that was located on Queen Margaret Drive. So off I went walking in the rain. I found the store, and believe it or not it is owned and operated by a women from St Catherine's Ontario - I keep running into these Canadians :>)

The shop was a great find with amazing wools, but I practised restraint and only purchased a pattern book. I also took a business card as she mentioned that she posts patterns on her website and offers mail order if I don't feel like walking in the rain. When I was done I decided to live dangerously and walk a different way back. I followed the Kelvin River - no way to get lost as I know the river runs right past the block Andrew & Jen live on.

So I'm just merrily walking along the sidewalk and I notice I'm getting closer to the mysterious steeple and before I know it - there it is. Man that is one spooky looking church. And with the dark rainy sky and leafless trees it looks very eerie - but it does make a great picture.

When I got home I did some searching on the net and found some interesting details on the interior of the building. Now I need to go back and check out the inside. But I'll save that for another days adventure.

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