Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Days are Getting Shorter

As mentioned in my post from Sunday my head was starting to give me grief again and by Sunday night I was in full blown migraine mode (not happy about that). So Monday I spent most of the day in a very dark room drugged up on T3's and Gravol. In between doses I managed to get all the paperwork completed for my bank account application and the offer of employment I received from the firm I worked for in Vancouver. Everything seems so complicated when you are coming from another country. I can't say I'm surprised by that but when it comes time to sit down and sort through all the forms and questions it's all a bit overwhelming. Mind you that might have been the T3's causing some of that, but don't worry, I double checked everything again once I was in a lucid state.

Today I woke up feeling a million percent better but wanted to take it easy. Got up before Brenda headed off to Nannyworld and made some coffee and ate breakfast. I called the office to see if I could pop by to drop off my passport/visa documents for them to copy for Head Office (it's only a 15 min walk from this flat). Then I wandered into city centre, went to the Post Office to mail a letter to my Grandma, and then picked up some wool for some home made Christmas gifts I'm getting a head start on. Then to finish off the days errands I did some grocery shopping.

On the walk home there is one hill I walk up that is just behind Claremont Terrace where our flat is. As I reached the top of the hill today I noticed a very pretty sky as the sun was starting to set. Voila - the picture of the day.

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