Thursday, November 09, 2006

Finally A Smile!

Finally A Smile!
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Sorry, didn't get a chance to post a blog entry yesterday as the Internet access dropped out in the flat. I got in contact with Gloria to find out how to fix it and after flipping some switches and wiggling some wires I'm back on-line today. Nothing like feeling cut off from the world for a day.

I met Brenda and Carl for coffee today at this cute little place nearby called the Bibliocafe. The cafe is lined with bookshelves and you can swap a book from off the shelf and read while sipping your coffee and munching on your pastry. The guy that works behind the counter is super nice but has one of the strongest accents I've encountered so far so I need to concentrate really hard when he says something. He makes a great Americano and his customer service is amazing. You get a little chocolate covered coffee bean on your saucer with your coffee - mmmmmm.

Carl was all smiles and a bit hit with everyone there. Such a charmer he is.

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