Saturday, November 11, 2006

Meeting the boys for a pint

Meeting the boys for a pint
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Met up with a friend from home today - oops I mean to say Vancouver. I'm trying to reference Glasgow as home now. Rick is an ex-Mercer colleague and he's in town for 2 weeks so we hooked up today for a visit.

We met for lunch and then walked to the Kelvingrove Museum. Sorry to say after all the beautiful weather I've experienced so far today was absolutely awful. Trying to use an umbrella was a useless task as the wind would whip up and turn it inside out. After 3 times I decided to forgo the brolly and just get wet. So we walked to Kelvingrove and dried off and viewed some of the exhibits that I hadn't seen yet. The last time Rick was here was pre-renovations.

After the museum we intended to walk up to Great Western Road to go for dinner but on the way the floodgates opened and we ended up having to duck into Beanscene in Ashton Lane to wait for the weather system to pass. I have NEVER been that wet before. As I type this my jeans and socks are still wet. Once we finished our warm coffee & tea the rain stopped and we met up with Brenda for dinner at a great little pizza place called Gambrino's. Very nice flat crust pizza that's just the right size to fill you up, but not too full.

After dinner we met up with Rick's cousin Fraser and his 3 mates from University at the Junkyard Dog pub across the street. Quite a nice little pub. Spent most of the night just listening to the boys talk. The more beer they consumed the more chatty they became and the wilder the stories. Let's just say it was culturally educational. We closed this pub down as well (we're 2 for 2 on the weekends). They are a fine bunch of lads and it was a fun night.

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