Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Hidden Places

I've been in Glasgow for going on 19 months now so have pretty much seen all the must see items on ones list as a tourist or at least from the EyeWitness Guidbooks. Sure there are a few things I haven't managed to fit into my oh so busy schedule but I've made a big dent on seeing the sights. So what to do then on a gorgeous sunny Saturday? How about finding old abandoned railway tunnels!

Here's the history according to that ever useful source Wikipedia

And no Mom I did NOT go alone.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Meanwhile at the park...

The scene:

A lovely sunny day. I decided to walk over to the Botanics, picked up a Panini, water and bag of crips for a little picnic for one. I'm sitting on the grass finishing off my lunch and my camera and tripod are off to the side.

Him: whatcha taking pictures of?

Me: nothing at the moment, but probably flowers after

Him: why dontcha take my picture

Me: would you like me to take your picture?

Him: Ya!

Me: OK, big smile then