Saturday, November 25, 2006

48 Seconds

The picture on the left was taken at 2:03:11PM, the picture above was taken at 2:03:59 this afternoon. Quite the difference in lighting conditions a mere 48 seconds can make.

So what did I do on my Saturday other than watch the weather patterns change? Don't laugh it really is kind of fun to watch. Even better is looking up at the sky when the clouds are zooming by at break neck speed. It was cloudy today but no rain. No let me clarify that statement. It didn't rain while I was outside. It did rain later in the evening but I was in at that point so that doesn't count.

Due to the lack of precipitation at the moment we headed out the door we decided to take advantage and walked a good portion of the Kelvin Walkway. It's a beautiful path that follows the River Kelvin (thus the name). The river level was quite high and the water was moving very quickly due to all the wet stuff. Most of the leaves are off the trees thanks to those gale force winds. But the odd tree was still decorated with bright gold and red colours making the walk quite picturesque.

We walked a bit of a circle so as not to get lost as I didn't bring the map book with me (I was feeling dangerous). We took the walkway as far as Queen Margret Drive and then went up to street level and continued until we hit Maryhill Road and went right. We've driven with Jen a couple of times along this road so a few things were looking familiar. Saw the Church that Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed at Queens Cross. Unfortunately it's closed due to renovations but the scaffolding was finally off and it's scheduled to reopen in 2007. From what I could see on the exterior it looks very interesting. Something to look forward to next year, and now I know it's within walking distance.

By the time we got back to the Woodlands area we realized we hadn't had lunch yet and it was already after 3PM. Found a great little place called the Grassroots Cafe. Kind of like the Naam on 4th Avenue but without the stoners. It's a vegetarian restaurant (but I won't hold that against them) and they have an affiliated grocery store around the corner that sells organic produce, fresh baked bread and a great little deli. Lunch was yummy and we ran into Abigail (it's her flat we will be renting in December) and her father - too funny. We had a nice chat with the two of them which again to me is just another sign that this is all going to work out.

For dinner we had company. Heather came over for what was supposed to be dinner and a DVD but we never quite got around to watching the movie. Too much fun just sitting around the table chatting.

Still not sleeping all that well. I'm tossing and turning most of the night and when I do sleep I'm having very bizarre vivid dreams of which I will NOT go into any details. I'm really starting to feel it as I've only been averaging about 3 to 4 hrs. I guess sitting here working on the computer this late isn't too smart. So this is a good a place as any to end the post.

But one more thing..... Can you believe that Christmas is only a month away?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris: What an interesting life you are leading. Whose doing all your alterations now? We are having a snow day today and the German Church was cancelled. It really does look like Christmas now and only one month to go at that. Your letters are interesting and I enjoy them alot. Your dad was over the other day to help Gord hook up our new TV. Will it snow there too? Say he to Brenda from me and am praying for you guys! Irene Rathbun