Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Glasgow City Chambers

The Marble Staircase
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It was back to being a tourist today. A free guided tour of the Glasgow City Chambers was something that I missed doing last year so I took the opportunity to do it today. I didn't need to worry about Brenda missing it as she's done it already on a previous trip to Glasgow.

I won't go into too much detail as I've got all the info on each picture in my flickr site but I will say this - WOW. What a beautiful building and it's still being fully used as it was intended so it's not just a museum piece but a fully functional City Hall.

The current Lord Provost is Liz Cameron - yes Glasgow has a woman for Mayor. In fact this is the 3rd woman Lord Provost the city has had - take that Vancouver!

It was a good tour in that it was only 45 minutes long, you could take pictures and it wasn't information overload.

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Colleen J said...

Your photos are beautiful, Chris! I am really enjoying you blog. I just set one up for myself but I promptly forgot my username so I can't log in to the stupid thing!