Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Am A Dull Person

Sorry gang, just nothing interesting going on these last few days. So I will apologize right now for today's posting.

Let's talk hair.

Today I worked up the courage to walk into a hair salon and book an appointment. It's a funky looking place that's just a few blocks down the road. I've had so many experiences with bad haircuts so I was pretty up front in speaking with the owner about wanting someone that is good with long hair. The owner was super nice and put my mind at ease. He introduced me to Lynne who would be my stylist, offered me a cup of coffee and told me to sit down for a consultation so I could talk over with her about what I wanted and look at the colour charts. I've got an appointment booked for next Saturday morning so I guess I should do a before and after picture to document the occasion. If it's a bad hair day, I guess you'll all find out.

Now let's talk about the men. What is the deal with all the shaved heads and brush cuts here? I can understand that with the wind and rain it's very low maintenance but it just can't be warm. Not a big fan of that look though, it just makes me think of thugs. Give me a head full of thick soft curls any day. The brush cut just doesn't work for me.

But that's just my humble opinion.

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