Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hugging The Porcelain

It started Friday night.

Poor baby Carl got sick after he had gone to bed. They weren't sure if maybe he ate too much or perhaps the tri-coloured corn pasta didn't sit right with him. He seemed fine afterwards and no fever. But then as I found out the next day, he'd been up sick all night.

The stomach flu had hit.

Then Sunday night Andrew got it and was down for the count. Wednesday night Brenda was hugging the porcelain (am I a bad flat-mate in that I didn't hear her get up?). Thursday it was Jen's turn.

I feel quite confident in saying I will NOT be next. I've had no contact with patient zero and Brenda and I have separate bathrooms so no cross contamination. Plus I had a flu shot in September.

But only time will tell. Stay tuned....

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