Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As the year is coming to a close, people are starting to make lists.

The latest one I saw today was a top ten songs of the year. I have such a hard time narrowing down music to favorites as I just have so many. I love all the music I have.

One of the things I found very hard to part with was my stereo and all my CD's. I tried desperately to get all my CD's converted to MP3's and loaded onto my laptop but as I started the moving process I just ran out of time and was only able to get up to the M's.

Now that I'm living in a different country I'm being exposed to new artists. But darned if I could tell you who they are. Usually I'm just listening to the radio for a bit while cooking dinner so I'm a bit preoccupied and DJ's these days are not all that great at telling you who it was they just played.

But back to the list comment.

I don't think I could narrow it down to 10 songs or even 10 albums. So here's my list of random number of Albums I love.

1 - Ryan Adams, Love Is Hell Volumes 1 & 2
2 - Amos Lee, Amos Lee
3 - Gillian Welch, Hell Among The Yearlings
4 - Bebel Gilberto, Tanto Tempo
5 - Beck, Guero
6 - Bill Frisell, The Intercontinentals
7 - Jack Johnson, On And On
8 - Richard Buckner, The Hill
9 - Interpol, Turn On The Bright Lights
10 - David Grisman Quintet, The David Grisman Quintet
11- Pilate, Caught By The Window
12 - John Mayer, Inside Wants Out
13 - Soul Coughing, Irresistible Bliss

* Note, Soul Coughing isn't around anymore so I've put the link to the Yahoo Music site for some info on the band.

A bit of a wide range of stuff, some current, some not and pretty much all over the map. Perhaps in future posts I'll go into what it is about each album I like. But not now. It's getting late and I gotta work tomorrow. But one more music note.

Weird Al Yankovic - I just love this guy. His latest video is on My Space. Watch it for a good laugh. And no, I don't own any Weird Al CD's.

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