Saturday, December 23, 2006

It Didn't Seem That Far At The Time

Last night I got a Christmas tree. I got home from work a little bit early as I promised myself I would get the Christmas tree. There was a guy selling trees off Byers road that I remembered his trees were already discounted so I headed off that way. I passed Roots and Fruits on the way but their trees were still full price.

I got to the place and there were only a few trees left. I asked if he had any small trees left and he said no, only big ones. Well how big, so he showed me the few that were there and the one was about my height (a little over 5' 2"). I picked it up and thought, that's not too heavy - no problem. The price was right at 15 pounds and I had the guy help me put it up on my shoulder and off I started.

I got about 5 blocks and it started to slip. But that's OK, the tree was wrapped up pretty snug so I sort of hugged it. But another couple of blocks and it started slipping again. At this point I'm thinking I should flag down a cab, but I'm too cheap for that. So I switch arms, another few blocks and I need to rest. Try the tree hugging thing again and I make it as far as the bridge and I have to put it down.

I'm just in the process of grabbing my phone to call Brenda to find out where she is when she texts me with "need a hand?". Hallelujah! My arms and hands were shaking so bad I was having problems handling my phone. So she came by about 6 minutes later and we carried it to the flat, up 4 flights of stairs and got it through the door in one piece.

We borrowed a pretty cool Christmas tree stand from A & J it comes from Germany and you know about that German engineering thing. Got most of it decorated tonight and will finish tomorrow.

Saturday's plan is to finish up the Christmas shopping and then I'll come home, pick up my laptop and head to a coffee place with free WiFi and then I'll finally be able to post some pictures.

My body hurts today, I should have taken the cab.

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Hello again - I'm just dropping by to wish you a happy Christmas. Bad luck about the tree woes, by the way. It's three in the morning on Christmas Day and I have only just got our tree up and fully decorated - so you are not entirely alone in enduring a touch of Christmas induced anxiety.

Say hello to Glasgow for me and have a wonderful day.

Kind regards etc...