Friday, December 08, 2006

December Rose

It was another lovely day out, sunny but a bit on the crisp side of cold. Still, no rain so that meant I had to do some walking. I decided to try and find an area I had been to once before on Hyndland Road but I had been driven there so wasn't sure which way to go. But I walked out the door with my Glasgow Pocket Map book and felt confident the day would not be wasted.

I'm still amazed by all the historic architecture everywhere. Found some nice little neighborhoods that looked very expensive. Even found a blooming rose bush, yes - a blooming rose bush IN DECEMBER (today's picture). As I was navigating the streets I'm amazed that more people don't get lost. Glasgow was NOT built following a grid pattern. Plus it also adheres to the 'lets change the name of the street every 2 blocks' rule.

Met up with Brenda and Carl in the early afternoon and we walked into city centre and grabbed some lunch at Princess Square (it's just a high end mall). All the Christmas decorations were up, the centre courtyard had a massive Christmas Tree (artificial I'm sure) and we lucked out that there was a girls school choir singing for the enjoyment of the shoppers.

Not a big fan of the tune 'Jingle Bell Rock'. Just my luck that they did it twice, complete with choreography.



Hello. I've been feeling mildly homesick today and found myself trawling for Glasgow blogs - which is how I chanced upon you. I've been enjoying looking at your photos, thank you, and reading your descriptions of that strange city.

I also came across your posting "if everyone had a cat there would be no war". Now - whilst I love cats and understand exactly where you're coming from, my dog (Emma) has asked me to pass on the following message to you:


She's normally such a placid wee thing, as well. But she was adamant I pass on the sentiments.

There is a very real chance I have just taken leave of my senses. What on earth am I doing? Talking dogs? Oh My God.

Best just leave it there, I think. Please don't call the police.

Kind regards etc....

Chris said...

Tell Emma that I meant no disrespect. I fully believe that one becomes a better person by having a pet - and that's any pet. Even fish & birds, although I'm not convinced about snakes. But I'm willing to give them the benefit doubt.

Nice doggy.


Emma is placated. Just. It was the "nice doggy" comment that ultimately saved you. It was touch and go up until that point.

Amen, incidentally, to your assertion that to have a pet makes one a better person. If I ever have children, I will want to have a family pet (of some description) at all times. I'd maybe draw the line at snakes, right enough, but this has more to do with my absolute and undiluted fear of them, as opposed to any inherent nastiness in the snakes themselves.

A dog would always be my pet of choice - and, I readily admit, I have fallen head over heels in love with Emma. She is an adorable godsend whose permanent state of happiness forces me to stop wallowing in self-pity. It is a relief when she goes to sleep and I can finally get back to feeling sorry for myself. Phew.

Right, enough already. Hopefully see some more pictures of Glasgow soon. Any and all pictures of the Southside most welcome.

Enjoy the sideways rain and good luck in the job.

Kind regards etc....