Monday, December 11, 2006

Where Can A Girl Sit To Eat Her Sandwich?

The office building that I work in does not have a lunch room. It has a very wee kitchen that has a microwave, a sink, broken dishwasher and bar fridge. It's the size of a long skinny broom closet. So come lunch time where does one go to eat a sandwich?

In the summer there are many options as the office faces a lovely little park, and all along Sauchiehall there are benches. But this time of year everything is very very VERY wet (see yesterday's picture/post).

I wandered down to the Buchanan Galleries, which is the big mall in city centre, but unlike the malls in Vancouver it has no seating at all in the corridors. There is one very small area on the upper level that has a couch and 3 chairs. I completely lucked out that someone left just as I got there.

I guess I'll have to learn to eat on my feet. I can walk and chew gum at the same time so how hard can it be?

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