Sunday, December 03, 2006

Children's Wear

I really didn't think shopping for clothes would be such a challenge. I know the UK sizing is a bit different but everything here is huge on me, and I'm not a skinny girl.

I'm always on the look out for warm sweaters (or jumpers as they're called here). I picked up a warm wool turtleneck from Mango in the House of Fraser that was an XS (extra small for you guys out there) and it fits big. Socks, well I have UK size 3 feet so I know I need to get those in the children's department. But here's the best purchase...

I picked up a V-Neck sweater & T-shirt from the boys department in Next sized 'age 11/12' and it's still big. The size 'age 8/9 fit me in the body but the sleeves were too short.

I am smaller than a Scottish 11 year old boy.

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VFXJoshGemmell said...

I've dealt with the other side of things. Try being a big, fat Canadian shopping for clothes in Japan! Not only are they all smaller than me, but their fashion does not included anything loose or baggy.