Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunday - Christmas Eve

It seems weird that Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, although I guess that is the case every 7 years. The day starts off as per any normal Sunday. Church in the morning, brunch after, then a little window shopping. And then picking up the last few things needed for the party and for Christmas (I was missing one stocking stuffer).

Back to the flat and then I hit the kitchen and start putting my menu together for the evenings festivities.

Here's the end result:

So the food it out, the flat looks festive... what if no one comes? Everyones big fear when you plan a party. But wait, yes everyone came - and even a few extra!

Andrew didn't make it into the picture as he ran back to his place as we ran out of wine and I'm not sure where Brenda is. It felt really nice to have a house full of friends.

We went to the midnight mass at St Mary's. It was a bit different as it was a High Communion so men in funny hats and robes. Lots of standing (still not sure what the significance of that is). But the one nice thing was after you went up for communion you were given a candle you lit it and then sat back down in your pew. When everyone was done they dimmed the lights in the sanctuary and it was very cosy. But I did think it was a huge fire hazard. After the service Brannon & Gloria came back to our flat for another drink and some more visiting. I think we got to bed around 3AM.

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