Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Living Room Tour

Why have I not heard of this concept before?

A group of musicians books tours in peoples living rooms and plays a live acoustic set to a small group of 20 - 40 people (depending on the size of the living room). Tickets are 10 pounds at the door and bring your own booze. It's an intimate venue, with lots of anecdotes and the band is actually able to connect with the audience rather than being seperated by a stage and blinded by lights. There's no overhead so 100% of ticket sales (and any CD sales as well) goes directly to the band.

So give up on doing the coffee house or brew house circuit, book your living rooms now!

The group we saw this evening is Lies Damn Lies, 2 guys on guitar and a girl on keys.

Pops this tidbit is for you: - the guy on lead guitar plays a Martin HD28V You will be proud of the fact that from the first finger-pattern he played, my ears recognized that it was a Martin and I guess correctly that it was a D28. You've raised me well.

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