Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sideways Rain

Today has been a very very wet day. And, depending on what block you are on, very windy as well. Umbrella's aren't of much when they kept blowing inside out when a sudden gust comes at you from underneath of all places. So tonight I ditched the umbrella and pulled my hood down and just relied on my Taiga to keep my upper half mostly dry. As you can see from the picture my lower half didn't do so well.

Tomorrow (Monday) is my first day of work. I'm a bit wired at the moment with anticipation. That isn't a good thing as I need to get a good night's sleep. They're being nice to me and I don't have to arrive until 9:30. But I'm looking at the weather forecast and it's kinda iffy as to if I will arrive mostly dry or not. I've got about a 20 minute walk from the underground station to get to the office so I'm hoping I don't look like a drowned rat when I walk through the door.

Speaking of weather.... initially both Brenda and I were thinking that these Glaswegians were a bit of wimps in that they were always complaining about how wet & windy it's been. We were expecting this kind of weather so couldn't understand why everyone was complaining about it. I did some digging on the BBC and it seems that although it's been warmer than normal it's been extremely wetter than normal. In fact this last November was the wettest on record since 1938. I think if we survive this autumn/winter we can handle anything.


Jimmy said...

'We all live in a yellow submarine
in a yellow submarine
in a yellow submarine'

Chris said...

Now that I look at that door it does look a bit like a submarine. Too bad I left my snorkle gear back in Vancouver.