Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So that's where that is....

More exploring today. I'm starting to finally figure out the city and get my bearings. I went to St Enoch Square today to check out the wee Christmas Market there and take a look around.

The first week I arrived in Glasgow I went to a concert at The Arches and to get there took the Underground to St Enoch Station. But of course it was at night and in the dark so I had no visual references to see where I was. Today I saw.

I keep forgetting that maps can be really misleading in terms of distance. Something will look far away, but when I walk there it only takes 15 min or half an hour. I got there via the underground but really I could have walked, it just would have taken longer. Had I not met Brenda and Carl for lunch I would have done just that as it was such a nice sunny day (well most of the day). But by the time I left the restaurant I knew I had limited sunlight as it starts to get dark around 4PM so I hopped the SPT.

If the weather is nice tomorrow I want to do some more exploring on the other side of the River Clyde. Who knows what adventures lurk over there. I'm hoping to find the Glasgow Science Centre to take some pictures of the exterior.

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