Sunday, December 03, 2006

If Everyone Had A Cat There Would Be No War

The one thing that I'm missing more and more is my cats. This one is Staccato

And this one is Ginger

I know that sounds lame and all, but they were my family as I lived alone - OK that sounds even more sad.

They would greet me at the door when I got home from a hard days work and they provided companionship. Nothing cheers you up more when you're feeling blue than having a warm furry purring cat rubbing her head on your hand asking for a pet. Spending the days by myself I really miss having a cat to cuddle with.

My cats are now living with my parents and have adjusted just fine. This picture is of my Dad with Staccato.

She's a bit 'different' in that she goes just squirrely when the mobile rings. It must have something to do with the tonal frequency but it's fun to have her crawl all over you purring and yowling as the phone is ringing.
She also likes the sound of voices singing. I can remember a few years ago my friend Paul and I were doing some recording in my apartment and in the middle of this one tune she walked into the room where we were and started meowing with us. After 3 failed attempts at trying to finish the tune I finally had to lock her in the storage room until we were done.

Not much to report today (thus the reason for talking about my cats).

Went into city centre to finish up purchasing Christmas cards. I need to work on those this week and then get them in the mail. I do believe this will be the first year I've ever mailed cards before February. Seriously, that's usually when I would get around to sending them out. So this will be a huge improvement. But they aren't in the mail yet, so if you don't get your card before Christmas then check your mail box around February.

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