Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Cards

I cloistered myself away in my room today to try and get all my Christmas cards written. I'm sad to say I only got about half done which means I will be doing the same tomorrow. But those I did manage to write have been dropped off at the post office so I guess they'll be going out in waves.

I really find writing that many cards quite tedious. Not boring, but I'm one of those people that can't see the point of sending off a card with just a signature in it. I need to actually write some stuff inside. I try to be witty, or funny or thoughtful and that's tough work. Plus I need to try not to repeat what I've blogged about as you'd know that already. Man, I am one tough critic. Maybe you guys aren't worth the effort....... OK, you are.

I received a very large envelope from the office today with the official letter telling me I've been hired and I start Monday. Along with it came the regular blurbs on professionalism and a CD ROM that I need to review on the company. I guess when they put the package together they didn't clue in that I've been working for the company for 10 yrs already. But it should be interesting to review the info just to see if there is anything different between the UK offices and North America. It also looks like I'll be heading out for a few courses in my first 3 months in Croydon which is just south of London.

I guess now would be an appropriate time to warn you all that once I start working I may not have all that much to blog about. That is unless you are all REALLY interested in the wonderful world of Pensions and Call Centre's. But we'll see, maybe it will be a fun office full of many hijinks and mayhem, but I doubt it. However, I will attempt to keep up with my picture of the day. Or maybe I'll revert to CD & Movie reviews or cultural observations of the day. I'll have to think about it.

Right, I forgot to mention today's picture. That's me back in 1969 and in closer inspection of the photo I can see that even back then I had a thing for red shoes.

Let the jokes begin....

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