Saturday, December 16, 2006

Men In Skirts

Tonight was the staff Christmas Party. I have never seen so many men in kilts before, it was a bit surreal. Yet I found it strangely attractive on some. I didn't stay much past the meal as it was a room of 250 people, 98% of which were complete strangers. Dinner was nice and I had a good chat with Debra beside me (Mom of 2, works in a different department and location from me so I won't see her again until next year's party).

I think for me what was more beneficial was going to the pub with a few of the boys from the office beforehand. There I was at least able to get to know people I'll actually see and work with on a daily basis. I did receive one proposal of marriage after about half an hour into the evening when it was discovered I was a whisky girl and I liked the good stuff and drank it neat. I guess it doesn't take much in this town.

So one marriage proposal down, but still no date for Saturday night.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris: Boy, one proposal already!! How is going at work? Did you enjoy your first week? We have had high winds and rain but today is half decent. We are going to the Prime Timers Dinner tonight. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years. My thoughts are with you and Brenda. I'm sure it will be hard to be away from family this Christmas....Love, Irene