Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Just playing some catch-up with the blog, so here's Saturday...

I walked into city centre to finish up my Christmas shopping. It was pretty busy but not as packed as it's been before so I guess not as many people leave their Christmas shopping 'till the last minute. There's always some buskers playing along Sauchiehall.

There's this rock band that I've seen a number of times.

And then always a bagpiper or two.

I picked up what I needed and then headed back to the flat to drop off my bags. On the way I stopped at a store called Au Natural which is kind of like Wonderbucks from Vancouver and purchased some candles and decorations to try and make our flat look a bit more festive for our Christmas Eve party.

After coming home I scarfed down some lunch then headed back out again to buy the groceries I needed for the party. I started to head towards IJ Mellis to get some cheese but there was a line-up out the door of the shop halfway down the block (who new cheese was so popular). I picked up some spicy olives from a Mediterranean deli, fresh veggies and then wine was the last thing on my list for the day.

Back to the flat again and up the four flights of stairs to drop off the groceries. I'm done shopping for the day so next I grab my laptop and pack it up in my backpack and head down the street to Beanscene to grab a coffee and some free wifi. They give me a card for 15 minutes free access, but after that you have to pay. So I spend most of the time editing my pictures that I've taken the last couple of days and when they're all done then I go to log-in to load them up.

There seems to be a bit of a problem, I can see that I've got a strong signal but the log-in menu is taking forever to load. I give up after about 10 minutes as my coffee is cold and I'm just not in the mood to fight with a slow system. Note to self, don't go to Beanscene again for wifi. There are a couple of other coffee shops in the area that have free wifi rather than charging you after 15 minutes so I'll try those on another day.

Back to the flight and up the stairs for the last time. Brenda's home now and we just zap leftovers for dinner and focus on finishing the tree and decorating the flat. I think it looks good and it's starting to feel like home.

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