Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ASDA - The Wall-Mart of Glasgow

Grocery Shopping
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According to Andrew, Asda has the best muesli around. Although it is pretty good, it's got too much dried fruit for my tastes (but that's just me).
I have certainly been walking lots these last couple of days. Today's big adventure (apart from the trip to Asda for groceries) was to purchase a mobile (cell phone for those of you at home) so that I can connect with people without being tied to my computer. I needed to find the T-Mobile shop on Sauchiehall Street. On the map it looked far away but I'm learning the scale is a bit misleading. It only took me 20 minutes to walk there and then I wandered around a bit to get my bearings. I'm starting to recognize things from when I was here last year.

Next I needed to find a post office to mail some letters and that was a challenge in itself. I swear I was walking around for an hour in city centre trying to find it. I'd pop into a shop and ask where the nearest post office was and they'd say "oh, there's just one around the corner" or "It's just down the street" and so I'd walk and not find it. Then I'd ask someone else and they'd point me in another direction. But I did finally find it and got my mail off. Here it's not just a flat rate for a letter but the postage is based on the weight of the letter.

As you can see from the blue sky at the top of today's picture it was a spectacular day in Glasgow so I didn't mind all the walking I did. But the temperature is starting to creep down with November just around the corner. Tonight's big night will involve me curling up in front of the TV and watching a movie and eating popcorn - you have NO idea how difficult it was to find popcorn here, so I'm going to savour it.

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