Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Too Much Fun on a Tuesday!

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Before I go into details of the 'Girls Night Out' I need to confess something. Tonight I cooked a whole chicken. Why is this a confession you may ask? Well it's like this - a chicken is one step away from a turkey, and a turkey is one of those things I said I never wanted to learn how too cook as that just seemed way too adult a thing to do. You know, one thing leads to another, first you roast a chicken, then next thing you know you're responsible for the Christmas Dinner and I much prefer being the guest and leaving before the leftovers need to be packed away and the dishes washed. But let me set up the evening for you...

As you know, I'm currently unemployed. Brenda on the other hand has been going full steam ahead with the Nanny thing. So that leaves me feeling a bit guilty and aware that I need to contribute something to the cause rather than just sitting around and playing tourist. I'm not really much of a kids person so babysitting is out, but I can cook. So I've been in charge of dinner for everyone (Brenda, Andrew, Jen & myself) pretty much every night since I got here.

Friday - Pasta Primavera with white wine sauce and grilled chicken
Saturday - I made a chicken, vegetable and chick pea curry
Sunday - leftovers (it was a big batch of curry)
Monday - Poached Salmon
Tuesday - Lemon Roasted Chicken with Thyme & Rosemary

I've never roasted a chicken before and I had to search the Internet for a recipe as all my cookbooks are at home. I found one that didn't seem to difficult and if you allow me to boast - it was excellent! I won't go into all the juicy details (did I mention how juicy the chicken was?) but man that was one yummy chicken. I only wish I had brought my camera as that would have ended up as the picture of the day. But speaking of the picture of the day.....

Phoenix - October 24 at The Arches, Glasgow

- what a fantastic show! Saw these guys last year at Richards on Richards in Vancouver. They played at the same venue again in September (ask Paul as he was at that show) but with the upcoming move and trying to pack up my apartment I just couldn't find the time to go. I had noticed on their website that they were going to be in Glasgow after my arrival so Brenda and I had planned to catch that gig instead.

What a fantastic venue. It almost looked like an old abandoned underground station, very cave like. The acoustics were perfect and the crowd was very enthusiastic. I had this 7 ft skinhead type guy standing in front of me and I swear he knew the words to every song and he was bustin' the moves all night - it made me laugh. About half way through the show it just all felt very sureal. Here I am in Glasgow, listening to a great band from Paris, too cool!! Then when the band was finished and the crowd started calling out for an encore the chant was "One More Tune" but is sounded like "One More Tyune" - I love the accents here.

On the way out in the coat check line started up a conversation with another very tall Glaswegian and he was saying "Wasn't that crack, they were fantastic" - it's going to take a while to learn all the slang. But so far everyone has been very friendly.

It's been a great night, and now I have the T-Shirt to prove it!

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