Friday, October 27, 2006

The Water of Life

Glengoyne Distillery
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So what do you do on a cold & rainy day in Scotland - hop in the car and head out to the Glengoyne Distillery to warm up of course!

Poor Brenda had to leave her unfinished bottle of 17yr Glengoyne at home thanks to the no liquids in your carry on luggage rule. But now we are able to go straight to the source.

We signed up for the tour which started with a taste of their 10 yr single malt. Leona - this will interest you, Glengoyne Whisky is non-peated and they use Sherry casks so I think you would quite like it. But as it is scotch it's distilled twice (unlike the Irish whiskey which is distilled 3 times).

This is quite a small distillery so the tour didn't take that long. I was all gung ho to get into the storage warehouse to take some interesting shots of the barrels but that was the one place they didn't let us go. So no artistic shots today.

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