Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lazy Saturday Morning with Tammy

I can't remember the last time I had the luxury of staying in my PJ's past noon on a Saturday. What with getting ready for the big move most of my weekends have been very jam packed.

But not today. Really it all started at 3AM when we finally got back from our night out with friends. Too late to take the train home and I didn't feel like shelling out the coin to take a cab all the way back to Burnaby. So I crashed on the couch (and a very comfy couch it was).

Tammy came down in the morning and we just spent the early hours curled up on the couch doing absolutely nothing but chatting - it was wonderfully decadent. I was even able to convince one of the roommates to make coffee so I didn't have to get up right away.

When the sun started to shine in the window I thought the light through the blinds looked interesting. My backpack was on the floor so I grabbed my camera and took this shot.

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