Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunset on Sunday

Sunset on Sunday
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Went to church today. Across the street from us on Cresswell Street is Hillhead Baptist Church. Due to the proximity I felt I didn't have a proper excuse not to go even though I was still so tired from not sleeping through the night.

The demographic of the church is on the old side, lots of white hair. Also the hymnals are just words, no music and there was only one that I recognized - no one sings harmony.

Brenda was still suffering the effects of her cold so she chose to miss the service but she did meet up with me later as this is the church that Andrew & Jen attend so she came to find Jen afterwards. We got introduced to a few people and I met one lady recently moved from Winnipeg so we traded stories about attempting to get settled.

After church we walked a few blocks to a cafe called the Naked Soup. For 4.95 you get a large cup of soup, salad of your choice, a piece of fruit and a drink. Lots of food for a good price. The soups were homemade in the cafe and very yummy. We sat out on the patio as the sun was shining and warm.

After lunch we just did a bit more grocery shopping (it's hard to stock a kitchen properly when you know you are just going to move again in the next week). Brenda was able to find a store that stocks Fisherman's Friends for her throat and we also found this really funky card shop that kept us entertained for a while.

When we got back to the flat we both got into organization mode and tried to make our small spaces a little bit less chaotic. Then we headed over to Andrew & Jen's flat to go view a possible flat for us to live in. It looked very nice and had been completely renovated but there was some water damage from the suite upstairs so that is a huge red flag that needs to be addressed before any decisions get made. We are going to be looking at another flat Monday as well. Both places are all in the same area we are in now and about a 7 minute walk to Andrew & Jen's place which is very convenient. Took the photo you see walking back from the viewing as the sun was just starting to go down.

Had a communal dinner of leftover curry, rice and a salad as this was the first time Andrew was now home as the conference he was organizing was now over. Poor guy, he looked pretty exhausted from what I'm sure was a very hectic week.

Monday I need to call the Mercer office to set up a time to come in and do the meet and greet thing and see if they want me. Wish me luck!

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