Sunday, October 29, 2006

Meals By Chef Chris

Braised Lamb
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Sorry, more blogging about food. But what can I say, I'm having fun playing chef. My results are very appreciated and apparently I'm pretty good at it.

Here was today's dinner - Braised Lamb. Sounds pretty adult doesn't it. Jen has this really cool digital meat thermometer where you just stick the probe into the meat and place the receiver outside the stove. The receiver reads the internal temperature of the meat. You set what temperature for it to be done and when it reaches that the alarm goes off and viola - perfect lamb!

This was served with a lovely bottle of French Red from Andrew's birthday gift. He was signed up for a case of wine delivered to his house 4 times a year. Each case has 2 bottles of 6 different wines. I think I may look into signing up for something like that once I'm working again. How much fun would that be trying different wines throughout the year. No decisions to make, they just deliver it right to your door.

Today's outing was walking down to the Farmers Market and seeing what was available. This was where I was able to purchase my leg of lamb directly from the farmer, organic and fresh. The market wasn't huge but they had pretty much everything you'd need. There were a number of organic vegetable stands (one of which arranges weekly delivery of a fresh pick of the day box), fresh baking and other meats available as well. They only have it on Saturdays 10:30 - 2:00.

After picking up the lamb we walked a bit along Dumbarton and found the big Salvation Army thrift shop. If you keep going back you can find great deals on used furniture. Saw of few choice pieces for cheap cheap cheap - but as I don't have my own flat not a good idea to purchase anything yet. But I'm trying to familiarise myself with what are the best places to keep an eye out for so that when a good piece comes up I can snag it.

Still having problems with the jet lag. Friday night I didn't really get to sleep until close to 5AM which was really Saturday morning. I kind of hit the wall this afternoon and ended up having to take a nap. Tonight the clocks get turned back an hour so I'm hoping this will help things. However as it is also the Saturday before Halloween I'm also assuming it is going to be extremely noisy outside with all the parties going on. We are currently surrounded by many flats housing university students and they tend to have active social lives on the weekend.

Sunday we move to a different flat in the Woodlands area. We will still be about a 10-15 min walk to Andrew & Jen's place but now we will be on the other side of the Kelvin River . So lots more exploring to do in the next 4 weeks :>)

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Puffy said...

Just had to comment, that "gift" only includes award winning wines, so you know you're getting the finest. And yes, that lamb stew was amazing...