Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ya Gotta See The Baby

Swaddled Max
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I finally got around to visiting my friend Kathy to see her new baby Max. I'm quickly running out of time to visit with all the people I want to see before I go. I mean I don't want to just rush in and say hi for 5 minutes but actually have a good visit with meaningful conversation (and cake, cake is good).

So in order to accomplish this, it means the packing up process has become throwing things in boxes rather than being systematic and sorting and properly labelling things. Worse comes to worse Mom & Dad will have to deal with the 'stuff' piled up in the garage or it will have to wait for me when I come home to visit at a later date (Christmas 2007?).

It's just things - things can always wait, people can't. People are important, babies too.

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