Friday, October 06, 2006


Queen Size Sofa Bed
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The systematic selling of all my possessions has definitely been a lesson in patience and perseverance. I'll post an ad on Craigslist Vancouver, I'll get 10 emails from people wanting details, I reply, they reply back that they want to come and take a look, they don't show up.

In the case of my dinning table and chairs a couple actually did show up as promised, they purchased the table only but got it home and realized it didn't fit the space - I mean how small is their apartment? So they called me back sheepishly asking if they could return it for a full refund. I'm such a nice person I agreed, but I wasn't super happy about it. Couldn't they have measured the space before coming over to purchase the table to make sure it was going to fit?.

Today it seems I have FINALLY sold my sofabed and chair - for the second time.

The first time a gentleman was here to purchase my bookcases and was asking if I had anything else to sell. I swept my arm around the room and said "pretty much everything you see". He asked how much I was selling the couch & chair for? "$500" was my reply and he got all excited and said SOLD! He and his son then proceeded to figure out how they were going to move it and realized that their van wasn't big enough to take everything so he said he'd be back on the Monday to pick the rest back. Then he hesitated and said "perhaps my wife should take a look". That was the kiss of death for that deal. Since then I have fielded 10 different inquires on this pairing of furniture and they've all fallen through.

Today a very young boy (he didn't seem old enough to be referenced as a man) and his "friend" came by to take a look. They were initially only interested in the sofabed, but I asked if they wanted the chair as they do match. They figured they would have enough room but money was tight so asked if I could bring the price down. I did and we agreed on $300 (such a steal I tell you). But here's the catch, they can't pick it up until the end of the month when they move in together (I'm almost afraid to ask if their parents know). So I have a cash deposit of $120 in my hands and the remainder is to be paid next Wednesday.

Still lots of time for this deal to fall through, but I can hope.

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