Saturday, October 21, 2006

On Jet Lag & Rain

The Courtyard
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So big surprise I didn't get any sleep last night. I don't mean just waking up in the middle of the night. I'm talking zero sleep. Jet lag, it's a terrible thing. Got up at 9:30 AM feeling like death. Made myself some breakfast and coffee and still felt terrible so I attempted to take a nap - no good, still couldn't fall asleep. Oh well, I've got the weekend to get over it.

Today I walked to the left down Byers Road to see what there was to see. My mission - get an adapter for Brenda's blow dryer as the adapters she brought don't fit the type of plugs in this flat. So I checked out Woolworths and Boots and for an extra pound I ended up just buying a new blow dryer (I'll need one for myself eventually anyway).

Found a few very good looking bakeries and another vegetable stand. Picked up veggies for tonight's curry. Also found a new Tikka Masala sauce I wasn't familiar with so I grabbed it and will try it out.

On the way home from my walk the rain started and as I had left my small umbrella somewhere in my parents garage I had nothing. But I have heard that a true Scot doesn't use an umbrella unless it's a torrential downpour so I must have looked like a local, or just a very soggy unprepared newcomer.

Grabbed a coffee from the shop downstairs to warm me up.

A quick comment on posting comments to my blog. Please do - but when you do please either leave your name or at least initials so I know who you are.

Tommorrow I'll have a concert review of the Acoustic Triangle performance from Stirling Castle.

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Laureen said...

hey chris,
glad to hear you guys are settling in. how did the job interview go on thursday?
oh and as for the rain thing, the same goes here you know, i own a umbrella but i never use it, i don't even know where it is. chat with you soon.