Thursday, October 19, 2006

Packed Up & Gone

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I'm writing this from Glasgow Scotland. I arrived at approx 3PM this afternoon (Thursday). I've had a quick nap, a much needed shower and walked over to my friends Andrew & Jen's flat for some leftover pizza, a glass or 2 of a very nice Cabernet Sauvignon and a sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

Everything went very smooth on the trip over. All my flights were on time, no problems with Immigration in London and British Airways didn't even bat an eye at my 2nd bag (even though for domestic flights I'm only allowed 1).

I found it odd that on my 55 minute flight to Glasgow from London with my choice between a cheese or tuna sandwich I was offered wine. What's the appropriate pairing for a dry wholemeal tuna sandwich with wilted lettuce and corn? I played it safe and just asked for water.

Didn't really sleep on the long flight from Vancouver as I just could NOT get comfy. So I'm feeling pretty bagged right now. But it's 8:42 PM so it's looking good for me to be up for a bit more before attempting to get a full nights sleep. I'm predicting I should be wide awake by about 1AM.

Haven't had a chance to figure out where (if any) are the free internet cafes but that's tomorrows challenge. It also explains why I've posted a picture of my empty apartment rather than something taken today.

So I'm officially here :>)

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Anonymous said...

Okay the picture is terribly disappointing, but I am so glad you arrived safe with no hassels. Can't wait to hear more...

ps. I am sure that wine would have only improved the pathetic state of your meal choices. Never, never turn down wine!!