Friday, October 20, 2006

Getting Settled

The view to the right
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This photo is out my bedroom window looking right. The window is quite dirty so it's not a clear pic. Today was a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine. Took a walk around the immediate area to get my bearings. Found a grocery store, fresh fruit & veggie stand, wine store, cheese shop and a deli with great olives.

Attempted to set up a bank account today but that didn't go so well so I'll need to do a bit more research. It seems I may not be able to get a standard run of the mill checking account here as the one bank I went to said they will want 2 yrs of credit history before allowing so they'd only offer me a very restrictive savings account. I may wait until I've got a job to see if my employer can give me some help with setting something up. With the savings account they don't allow direct deposit of paycheques - somehow that just seems wrong. So no worries I have my ATM card so will just have to make due that way for the time being.

I managed to find a wireless signal in our flat. It's not strong, but it does the trick. It's probably coming from one of the many coffee shops in the area - hey, I'll take what I can get. But I did go to the coffee shop downstairs and purchased an espresso and a pastry just in case the signal is from them. I feel less guilty that way.

I'm cooking dinner for Jen & Brenda tonight at Jen's flat as the only spice I was able to find in our kitchen here was salt. That will never do.

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