Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Paphos Day 3 - May 30

Actually left the hotel property today. Not right away mind you. Still needed to do the mandatory laying around for the morning soaking up the vitamin D until noon. Then it was time to get out of the sun.

Caught the local bus to take us down the road to the 'Tomb of the Kings'. Well they thought they were Kings when the site was initially excavated but it turned out they were more like just the rich and famous.

Eight tombs in all and I think we managed to find at least 6 or 7 of them. You weren't give a guide at all but there was a map showing the sites as you walked in, but who pays attention to those things anyways. The tombs date back to 4th century BC and are carved out of solid rock with some being decorated with Doric pillars. It was pretty cool as the site isn't monitored at all and you pretty much have the run of the place and can crawl around up and down the stairs going right inside.

After the tombs we caught the bus again to head into the town of Paphos. Found a nice restaurant with an open patio and grabbed some lunch. We shared a Meze platter which is a Cyprian version or Tapas. Some marinated olives, sundried tomatoes, marinated octopus (yes I ate it and no it does not taste just like chicken) and some other good stuff. We also ordered a pint of the local brew - Keo. A nice needed break after wandering around scrambling up and down the tombs of dead people in the heat of the day.

After lunch we wandered a bit around town. We're right in the heart of the tourist centre of town so lots of tacky souvenir shops all selling the same cheap stuff. We walk towards the harbour as there is a ruin of a fort that looks cool. There is also the marina and what should we find, but a Canadian flag flying from one boat. As we get closer I can see the boat is from Vancouver of all places. Who ever it is, he or she is a long way from home.

After checking out an old Medieval Fort my feet announce they've had enough for the day. So we walk back to the boardwalk and have a break with some ice-cream. Not as good as the gelato I had in Barcelona but I appreciate the excuse to sit down. But I can't eat it fast enough and end up loosing a few drips due to the sun.

Catch the bus back to the hotel.

Man I need a shower.


D J & E Huber said...

So, I'd probably eat that octopus, given the chance (one of my favorite all-time meals was squid cooked in it's own ink... a pile of black stuff on a plate).

But, I do have to say that it really looks grrrrrrossss!

Peggy said...

Octopi. I've stopped eating those. As tasty as they are, I've come to like them too much. I hope that doesn't happen with anything else.

Chris said...

Well I've now had it. It wasn't all that bad, but I've no strong desire to order it again. Been there, done that, took a picture.