Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Paphos Day 4 - May 31

Today we have booked an excursion to take us into the Mountains and to see the Kykkos Monastery. So the alarm has been set for 6:30AM as the bus it to pick us up at 7:25. I hate having to get up this early when on vacation. It just seems wrong. The worst part is my stomach just can't seem to digest food this early so eating breakfast seems kind of pointless as it just goes straight through me (sorry if that was a bit graphic).

Packed and fed we sit up in the hotel reception to wait for the tour bus to come. You always want to be a wee bit early as they can never guarantee when they will arrive as the bus is coming when a number of pick-ups are involved.

So we wait, and wait and wait and wait. It's been 45 minutes now and still no bus. I even went out into the parking lot to do a quick check. Finally Brenda goes to the concierge to see if this is normal that a pick up is this late. The concierge calls the tour company and is told that the bus doesn't do the pick-up at the hotel but from the main road (which is about 5 blocks away). Hmmm, seems no one seemed to tell us this little detail. The concierge was extremely surprised and even argued a bit with the tour company about how ridiculous that was.

To make a long story short, the bus didn't pick us up. The concierge left a message with our Tour Company to contact us (a rep was to come to the hotel this morning) about either making some alternative arrangements or giving us a refund. Up at 6:30AM for nothing.

By now my stomach is able to tolerate food so we go back down to the hotel restaurant to have a leisurely breakfast and some much needed coffee.

We have a poolside day instead (tough I know). Whilst sunning ourselves the Dive shop guy comes around trying to entice people to try out a free diving lesson in the pool. It's free so hey, why not. It felt a little silly as you don't actually dive, it's more of a 'here's what it feels like to have an oxygen tank strapped to your back and here's how you breath'. Other than that the guy just pulls you around in the pool. No flippers, no jumping in off the deck backwards. I've snorkeled before so I already know how to put on my mask, breathe through my mouth. But 2 girls in their bikini's did manage to drum up some business for the guy. Should have asked for a percentage of the booking.

Brenda does end up getting a hold of our tour company as the rep never showed. They arrange for us to go on the same excursion, but this one includes lunch and leaves an hour later and is with a different company. It's more expensive but they will cover the difference in cost. This time they triple check that yes the bus will pick us up in front of the hotel.

The evening's entertainment involved 'Sketch Comedy' by the hotel Animation staff. All the sketches were the same ones we saw on our first vacation back in Cub in 1998. Is there really only 1 book of comedy sketches out there for resorts to refer too? Comedy writers, here is your chance

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Colleen J said...

I agree, Chris, there is just something WRONG with having to get up before 8:00 a.m. on a vacation! Luckily for me, I only had to get up early for the initial flight to Heraklion (4:00 a.m.) and once I got up at 7:45 (ooh, harsh)!