Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Unexpected Homecoming

The emails started this week.

My Grandma has taken a turn for the worse. She is refusing any further treatment and is ready to go 'home'. The latest update I got this morning when I fired up my laptop is she'll likely be gone in 48 hours if not sooner. The Dr has her on a morphine drip to make her comfortable. My Mom and 1 Aunt are with her now. My other Aunt and Uncle are at various stages of travel to get there.

I've booked my flight from GLA to YVR via Amsterdam. I was surprised that one of the cheapest flights is with KLM and the Amsterdam - YVR leg is direct. Air Canada was almost twice the price plus I'd have to stop in Calgary of all places. No thanks.

So I will be arriving in Vancouver Tuesday afternoon and driving to Oliver either that night or Wednesday morning (I need to check with my Dad). I should be back in Vancouver for the weekend if any of you out there want to get together for a quick visit.

I'll be heading into the office this weekend and I know I'll be working late Monday night as I need to try and finish up a few projects in prep for the week off.

I am one of only 3 Grandchildren and she is the last Grandparent I have.

I need to go home.


abigail said...

Hey, sorry to read about your Grandma... Hope all goes as well as it can, take care...

Abigail & Patrick xx

Colleen J said...

Hi Chris, I know what you mean about going home. When something like this happens, you need to be there. Let me know if you need anything from this end, otherwise, my thoughts are with you and I'm here if you need a shoulder. Love, Colleen xo