Thursday, June 14, 2007

Musical Chairs

1973 Scotland.

David Payton, Billy Lyall, Stuart Tosh & Ian Bairnson get together and form the band Pilot.


You'd probably recognize their bit hit Magic. But this was the tune I found interesting.

Here's a little music trivia for you....

Both Billy Lyall and David Payton had a stint with The Bay City Rollers (I was never a fan)

Stuart Tosh did some work with 10CC after Godley and Creme left the band to do their own thing. On a side note, my Dad had the 10cc album The Original Soundtrack. I have strong memories of listening to that album over and over with the headphones on. One of my favorite tunes off the album was this one.

Lastly Ian Bairnson & David Paton both played in The Alan Parsons Project.

But wait, I'm not finished. To wrap things up nicely I give you Pilot Speed.

A complete different bunch of guys, but the band is from Canada (the title of the song from the Pilot at the beginning of this post). This tune is off their first album that I never tire of listening to. They have a new album but I'll probably have to order it off of and pay for shipping. I think it would be worth it.


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clipp2nd said...

Deja Veau - not sure I spelled it right but you know what I mean. Are you meaning that it's all dad's fault that you like weird music?.....just kidding.