Friday, June 08, 2007

We Interrupt Regular Scheduled Programing For This Announcement

I'm in a mad rush to pack and get to the office early today. Flying out to Frankfurt tonight to visit a friend and help him mourn the passing of his youth (he's turning 40).

Had a worship team rehearsal last night followed by a late dinner at the pub so I was completely knackered when I got home (couldn't possibly have anything to do with the 12 hr days I've been putting in) so I just went straight to bed.

Now I need to pack, have a shower, water the plants and then get ready for work. Trying to figure out how I'm going to get to the airport as my Friday has turned a bit crazy with 3 conference calls, one of which is scheduled for when I need to be running out the door. Need to find a way to cancel that one.

Now before you all start moaning about my 'jet set' life style and how many carbon credits I've used up these last 6 weeks.... Oh go ahead, moan away. Might make for some interesting comments for the 2.6 people that read this thing.

So Paphos day 6 & 7 will follow on my return Sunday night. Stay tuned.


abigail said...

Glad to read that you're watering the plants!! You're the best tenant ever!! Have a fab time in Frankfurt...

A xx

clipp2nd said...

sssttt....was that just 1 end of your candle I heard burn out??

Glad to hear your trip went well, you were born to snorkle kid, looks good on 'ya.

About our carbon credits, the way I see it we used hardly any for the majority or our life (lack of funds being the main reason), so we should have quite a bankroll now. And don't you think the Donald Trumps of this world and other jet setters (those with with multiple mansions and unlimited free time and money), based on the same scale they rate we common-folk, should be made to walk for the remainder of their lives?

D J & E Huber said...

Carbon is the new sin.
Al Gore is the new Pope.
David Suzuki and Arnold Schwarzengger are Cardinals.
The EPA is the new Vatican.
Skeptics are the new heretics.
Carbon credits are the new Indulgence.

Back to the Middle Ages we all go. I'm just waiting for the new Inquisition. Should be nifty!

clipp2nd said...

Amen Brother Huber

Peggy said...

Forgive me father for I have flown.